Sunday, June 17, 2007

A dream

I was also honored to know Annapurna as a good friend and Dhama sister and was deeply touched by her Being in many ways over the years. Most recently I was touched by an encounter with her in a dream. it was several nights ago (while on retreat in Holland) and prior to my knowing about her passing. In this dream, I come upon a small red house called 'Bardo House'. I meet Annapurna there and ask her how it is going and she answers 'blissful so far'. The house has behind it an ordinary sized white porcelain pristine bathtub in the earth. the bathtub is empty, sparkling white - luminous. I feel revealed in this dream both the reality of my / our loss, and of Annapurna's journey as well as the deeper reality of our true condition as deathless.
Such a mystery !

Journey well, Rainbow Dakini. . .

Susannah Bluestein-Grover
Midi-Pyrenees, southern France


Usha said...

Loved reading about your dream. Thank you. the message I got was that she was liberated and happy. Amazing Annapurna~ what a beautiful Life she created and a death full of peace and grace. We are holding her in the aloha spirit here in Hawaii.
Om Tare Tutare Ture Swaha!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, Usha. Thank you for your heartfelt and enhancing comment.