Wednesday, June 13, 2007

From Geoffrey Gordon

I just shared with Jill Lyon from Randy Cherner's that Annapurna visited his office the day before she passed. Jill said Annapurna was so bright and open and beautiful. Annapurna shared with her how she had just completed her second Saturn return and was telling Jill not to worry, that's it's so good to be on the other side of it. She also said she was wondering what was coming next.

What a shock this is and a gift, a wake up call and appropriately coming from Annapurna. I am being reminded (again) by her of the preciousness of each moment we are in this human body, the moments we have to share with every being we see, and the grace of having a spiritual path that opens my heart and gives me courage to continue loving always.

Annapurna is so dear to me and obviously to many others. We first met in 1975. She was one of Maharaji's early American devotees at the time who reached out to me without any sense of elitism. I feel the loss of such a great being on this earth yet she continues up to this moment to show us equanimity in the way she loved all beings and will remind us always of Maharaji's teaching- Love Everyone, Feed Everyone. She continued to treat and heal me for free when I had no money and always opened her heart and mind to share herself in the most beautiful way a person can. I love you so Annapurna. Sending all my love to her family and all of those who feel the loss of her passing.

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