Wednesday, June 13, 2007

From Anahata Pomeroy

Dear Nick,
Luciel Leis, my daughter, called last night to tell me the news of Annapurna's passing. I am glad to hear her last moments were joyful, peaceful and without suffering. Joe Leis and I, parents of Luciel and Gabriel, lived in India in the 70s. Joe knew Annapurna from the Boston macrobiotic community where we met and told stories about his treatment of Annapurna's asthma--putting clothespins on the tips of her fingers while she fasted on brown rice, if I remember correctly. They were dear friends. Then Annapurna and Dhamadipo stayed with us in New Delhi when they would leave Nanital to come into the city. On Annapurna's invitation I went to Nanital to the ashram when Neem Karoli Baba was still living and that was a special event in my life. I was 7 months pregnant with Luciel at the time and wearing a chuba (Tibetan dress). Annapurna is Luciel's godmother.
I live in the Seattle area, and last night after the call I went out with my singing drum, into Puget sound on the pier here, and sang many prayers and songs for her, echoing her name again and again. What many trails we shared over the years as children of the 60s. She gave so much during her lifetime. Her smile and laugh remain with me. She had so much courage and the peace of Buddhism. May your days be filled with the wonder of dear Annapurna.

aloha, Anahata

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