Friday, June 15, 2007

From Cindy Palmer Horowitz

Dear Nick, Gita, and Michael,

You are all in my prayers and thoughts and each day. I dedicate my Red Tara practice to Annapurna and she smiles from a picture on my altar. She's amidst a wonderful bouquet of the vibrant colors she so loved...I enjoyed her interview on line so much. I was there when she wore that red sequined dress!I am still in disbelief at her sudden departure ...when I received your e-mail, Nick, --after re-reading it about 50 time--I just reached over and dialed her number. Her sweet voice was still on the machine. I will miss her immensely. I too met her as Georgeanne, but Annapurna was the right name for her. We discovered macrobiotics and zazen together, sat with Suzuki Roshi and Katagiri, danced at the Fillmore and were suffused with the energy of changing our consciousness through buddhism, food, compassionate action and LSD. We lost touch with each other for quite a long time in the 70's, missed the raising of our respective children--but reconnected in a restroom line at a conference on Entheogens! Once reconnected, we never lost track of each other again...and spent many wonderful hours together. For a few years we drove around Marin and Sonoma looking at land, loving the idea of living in community together. We fantacized many exotic travel plans too...Annapurna's sweetness and generosity were unsurpassed...she DID always looks for the light, and the lightness of things...she enchanted my kids and always offered them acupuncture. My daughter, Winona, was so sad at her passing. She said, "Annapurna was such a girl!..she loved fashion and clothes, and even gossiping!" She did Tarot readings for my children, infused with subtle life teachings, and always made them feel special. She always made ME feel uplifted lighter as well! I'll miss her great sense of humor, her political savy, her diverting tales of conspiracies and past lives...and our lunches at Eliza's, where the Eliza Cakes (onion pancakes w/peanut sauce) were her favorite...Yes, dearheart, keep going to the light; you left plenty behind for us!

Much love,
Cindy Palmer Horowitz

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billsadler said...

This is late in the comment zone, but Cynthia and Michael have been such amazingly good friends and supporters over the years, whether they know it or not... my love and respect:

Y'all take care now and give 'Noni a hug for me. :0)