Saturday, June 16, 2007

From Jo'Ann Ruhl

I awoke this morning to find Annapurna sitting on my bed, petting my dog Cleo, who passed on Tuesday. She looked up at me and with that sweet child like voice said “So Jo’Ann, we finally meet.” I laughed at the comment. We smiled at one another and sat quietly for a while and both petted my dog. She looked radiant and happy. She could breathe deeply now. As emails are coming to me from so many people that Annapurna had sent my way, I couldn’t help but feel such a sense of awe about this woman. No one has ever touched my life like her, to have so many people come to me through the years. We all have this common bond with Annapurna; what a wonderful gift we all have. I’ll tell you all a secret - every time Annapurna had a session, it was always on a day when I had been struggling with something about this crazy work I do. I knew her guides would have something for me in the session. It was like a secret code, something they would say for her that also had some hidden meaning for me. I have come to know them as well as her through the years; they are as much a friend as she is. They laugh so much; Anna’s guides are the most jovial beings I’ve ever met. As you can all imagine, her guides, like her, are pure joy and love. It had never occurred to me that we hadn’t met in the physical. I felt I knew her for so many years, had spent such wonderful moments with her, we even had many, many friends in common, so when she said “So, Jo’Ann, we finally meet”, I laughed. We still have not met in the physical, have we! So here I am greatly blessed and I have tremendous gratitude, for very little has changed about our relationship. Once again Annapurna has reminded me to be grateful and appreciate what I do in this world. A being as lovely as she couldn’t possibly stay too long here, she needs the purer light and love of source like a little beautiful gold fish needs water, it’s why she had such a hard time breathing.

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Leslie Rowan said...

Dear Jo'Ann,

I am was so very moved by your writing of our dear dear friend Annapurna. She has told me to see you for the last few years. I really need to connect to those who also loved her.

I am in Arizona and not at my home in Ca.

If you want, could you call me?

Leslie Rowan