Wednesday, June 13, 2007

From Mohan

Dear Nicholas,

Our hearts reach out to you during this difficult time. I believe we only met maybe once or twice when you were much younger on a brief visit to Marin from NY. I saw your mom last summer when I was staying at Dr Jacques for a couple of weeks and my new wife Swamini met her for just the first time then. She shared her new recording with us.

Your mom & I had a unique bond. We were together along with Surya das & Ram Dass (who brought us to Him) the first time we physically met Maharaji, Neem Karoli Baba. We were kneeling side by side when we had that first darshan. It was a very magical, life altering moment as He related to & touched us each so individually different yet the with the same love. As I have been living in India mostly these past 9 years I visit that spot (near the entrance to Kainchi Ashram, in the Kumoun District of Uttarakhand State) often. In 2 days on the 15th of June each year is the largest celebration of the year there & approximately 100,000 people attend a Bhandara and are fed Prasad. I will send word so prayers can be said for Annapurna.

She will always be with us.

Thank you for including me in your communications at this time.

Much Love,


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