Wednesday, June 13, 2007

From Reuven

A jolt for all of us, but then again it's so fragile and so precious we should rededicate ourselves to the highest vision and knowledge that we have.

Good that she was able to find peace in the final moments—comes through wisdom developed during a deep lifelong meditative practice.

For me she was always an inspiration, a bright shining deva.

Nibbana  paramam  sukha
Santutthi paramam dh√£nam 


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Anonymous said...

After attaining a good level of concentration during my afternoon meditation, I invoked the citta of Annapurna to ask if she had something she wished to say.

Her nimita appeared. Her left hand was with the palm facing out, held at the heart level (a mudra of blessing and protection), while the right hand was palm down resting gently on her knee, fingers pointing toward the earth. It is said that when the Buddha attained to enlightenment, he used this gesture (of the right hand) to summon the earth to bear witness to his final victory over the seductive forces of (mara) illusion.

The feeling was one of stillness, peace and contentment.