Friday, June 15, 2007

From Usha

Annapurna!! I will miss you so! Your generous spirit, laughing eyes, and jois de vivre always inspired me and shored me up during the difficult times of life. When I moved away from Hawaii to Marin with my son and daughter, Annapurna opened up her home to us~ "If you fall I will catch you, time after time..." Yes, that was Annapurna- always the healer, offering wisdom, telling it straight, a lover of truth-- and she bowed to the Great Mystery- we shared humor and the cosmic joke~ She could howl with laughter, and also suffered the pain of her broken heart and challenge to breathe. We shared asthma stories--I somehow always knew she lived by grace since often her breath was so light, such grasping, and such letting go.

I met Annapurna in Boston in 1973. We shared astrology, and macrobiotics, and especially the spiritual quest. We were pilgrims, and young women, growing up together and traversing the challenging pathways of relationships and mothering...
And there was the time we sat in the forest above her house when a huge deer came leaping at us, jumping over our heads at the last moment~~Whew!! we curled up like two fairy wood sprites, thankful to be alive...and today I face the fact that she is no longer in body, but now in spirit, dancing on the rainbow with her luminous heart, free from the constraints of this world. I will miss very much. I will miss turning to her to speak of the ironies of life, the benchmark moments, -- our eyes would meet and we would just know, just get it... Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Swaha! Om Ah Hung Silver Queen~ Weaver of wisdom and truth~ Skywalker and Dakini, you are forever my inspiration~ a precious jewel, a one of a kind maverick goddess.

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