Saturday, June 16, 2007

From Walden Welch

Anna's last appointment with me was on March 12th. She was very aware then that in the summer of 2007 she was going under the influence of tremedously difficult aspects from the plantet Pluto ( which rules death.) We spoke about this during her session and I would very much like to write a tribute to Anna on my website and tell of this. I loved her so very much.

Walden Welch


Leslie Rowan said...

Dear Walden,

I have heard about you for years from our dear dear friend Annapurna. Your writing and tribute to her moved me so. I loved her so very much.

Leslie Rowan

Catherine Usha said...

Dear Walden,

A response to your wonderful article on our website:

The depth and feelings in your article on Anna's last appointment touched me to my core. Thank you so much for describing it in detail. She and I used to talk transits and astrologeze for years since we both knew Isabel Hickey way back in the days of yore.

The date of your last meeting was March 11 - on top you say May 11. Your description of her white dress and demeanor was almost as good as being there with her and her dynamic intelligence and probing intuition and goddess ways.

The transits I see are Pluto conjunct her midpoint Mercury/Mars exactly square her Moon/Jupiter conjunction. could also have to do with her nervous system (asthma meds) in Virgo. She had Mercury right past her Saturn (lungs) square Neptune (medicine) and the negative effect of the Ventolin. I see Uranus conjunct her Midheaven (not involved in the Pluto conjunction, but could be seen as a dissolving of the physical plane) in Pisces with wide square to Mercury (oh those fragile lungs).

Annapurna asked me for lunch many times but I was busy doing readings on my short visits to Marin from Hawaii where I now live. What a loss for not have just one more infusion of her wisdom and depth, her laughing presence and intense curiosity. What a lifelong friend and dharma sister...I will forever hold her hand in the ethers and continue to be inspired by her love of Truth.

Thank you for reflecting to her what you saw, and for letting her see clearly in the mirror of her chart. Astrology shows it all, if we have eyes to see and can accept the truth. I heard she passed away on her meditation cushion, not a recliner...but nevertheless she was calm and peaceful as she passed to the other side. Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Swaha! Green Tara! Healing Goddess! Feeding and Soothing, a Buddha girl for sure.

In the rainbow light of the Pure Land, dance free Annapurna!

Aloha and gratitude,

Catherine Usha