Thursday, September 13, 2007

From William Cassidy

She is remembered for her courtesy, generosity, and devotion.
She is remembered for her loving-kindness.
She was a graceful woman who brought benefit to herself, her family, her friends, and all sentient beings through her honest, faithful, practice of the Dharma.
Both myself and my family remember her in our prayers.
Please, do not think of what you have lost by her passing.
Think instead of what you gained by her presence and be joyful.

William L. Cassidy


suna Senman-Lane said...

I have a lotus candle holder made of thin light burgandy transluscent shells on my alter that is my Annapurna candle. Her presence is here through the being she created of herself and imprinted in history. I can only experience love and joy with that presence.
I wonder if anyone has contact information for Therese Evans. Annapurna sent me two of her CD's just prior to her passing asking me to give one to our friend Therese. I have not been able to locate her. I lost her contact information. She lived in Brooklyn about 6 years ago and may still be there. She may have a married name now.
If you do have THerese's contact info please pass it on to me. Suna email: Also I still have the CD in the envelope Annapurna sent.

Anonymous said...

Dear Annapurna,
I found out yesterday, (7/8/2010) that you had passed. I just wanted to let you know how much you meant to me and that you were a terrific woman. I could never have gone through my operation in 1998 without your assistance!
Love Always,
Elise Ganz