Thursday, June 14, 2007

From Ayesha Rognlie

Annapurna truly lived the Dharma teachings. She never spoke unkindly about anyone and had such a joy and excitement about the precious moments that life brought her. She radiated such beauty and had an amazing magical presence. She introduced me to many, many great experiences that I so fondly remember and will always cherish. I have felt her presence so strongly over the last few days. What a blessing!

Ayesha Rognlie

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Elizabeth Selandia, OMD, CA said...


I join with Ayesha and her family in sharing the loss of your mom and our vajra sister. When I think of "Dharma in USA," one of the first images that comes to mind is that of Annapurna smiling during the powerful initiations we shared: Dzogchen from Yangthang Tulku (emanation of Vilamamitra); Kalachakra from Kalu Rinpoche; etc.

But when I enter her name in my own databank, I find several smiling images of her greeting me welcome to her home under the umbrella of tree leaves in Corte Madera AND, the most important, that of she and I sharing a room at UCLA during the oral exams for our acupuncture licenses back in 1986. We both passed.

And, in the end, Annapurna still teaches the Dharma's truth of impermanance: A disease that could have taken her from us so many, many times proved fatal the one more time it occurred.

Annapurna, please rest in delight in Dewachen and continue sending us those loving smiles, please. Although I've neglected Nicholas since he was 8, I will make myself available to him when he needs a "mom, again." OM MANI PADME HUNG!