Thursday, June 14, 2007

From Julie Freiberg

two years ago i was caring for my 92 year old mother who was turning to dust, but still able to go for the jugular!!..i was unable to find my breath, even in zazen....and the dx. of asthma was bestowed upon me.....i immediately called my friend and colleague and we had tea.....she reminded me of all the things that i know and in those difficult moments was forgetting...(.that is what friends do for each other).....then she talked about her being out of breath all those years and how she lived and worked with what can be terrifying and exhausting... and she reassured me that i was going to be fine.....we had a very rich afternoon....i saw her again at the last big clinic ended with a very warm and what now is to be our last big hug.....we shared interesting patients over the years and many stories of children, grandchildren and our i said last night i will really miss her beingness.... gassho to life and to death....

julie F.

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