Thursday, June 14, 2007

From Steve Roth

To the family and friends of precious Annapurna:

Just as reflecting upon the unique facets of an exquisite jewel, we all come together in expressing our heartfelt love and enormous appreciation for this inspired being. I, like the rest of us, feel that Annapurna's friendship was and is a true blessing.her loving, caring, nurturing and compassionate nature touched the lives of each one of us and so many others. As was posted earlier, having such a rare and great living master as Chatrul Rinpoche personally perform phowa and prayers for Annapurna is indeed auspicious and relieves the rest of us from needing to do more pujas and prayers.

I can hear Annapurna in her unique style, laughing and joyfully reminding us all to rest in our innate blissful nature. EH MA HO!

A toast to you, Sweetheart, from one of Saraha's King Dohas:

This world of appearance has from its radiant beginning
Never come to be; unpatterned it has discarded patterning.
As such it is continuous and unique meditation;
It is nonmentation, stainless contemplation, and nonmind.

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