Friday, June 15, 2007

From Cassidy Trager

Annapurna was so instrumental in supporting my practice which is Theravada Buddhism.

I remember speaking to her about changing to the Tibetian practice. Her response was "be completely proficient in your practice before attempting another one". I believe that night I received a sign... my Burmese teacher came to me in a dream and said the following "why are you running all over the world looking for teachings when you have them already"?

I then did not go to Nepal but attended a retreat here in California with my Burmese teacher Sayadaw U Pandita. This retreat changed my life forever and I decided to spend three mos. in Burma.

Your mom helped me with all the medical things I needed to do and took me out to dinner at the Indonesian restaurant in Marin a few days before I departed.

Although we saw each other infrequently the Dharma was our bond. She was so inspiring and uplifting. I will miss her and cherish the times we shared.

My good thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Much metta


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