Saturday, June 16, 2007

From Judi Shils

I met Annapurna in a small dress shop of a friend about a year ago and her luminence never left me. This past March the Search for the Cause, an organization that I run honored her as one of Marin's 100 Magnificent Women. Leading up to the celebration we photographed and videotaped each of the women. Your mom was so soulful, elegant, beautiful and a peace envleoped the room as soon as she walked in. Even my 16 year old daughter was entranced when your moms gaze met hers. I wish that I had gotten to know her though that moment in time I will always treasure. I love listening to her music that she gifted us with. thank you for including us in your outreach. my prayers. Love, Judi Shils


Usha said...

Dear Judi,
thank you for your blog entry. I am missing my dear Annapurna so very much- though I know she is in a good place. How can I get a copy of a photo of her or video from your interview? Please let me know if this is possible. Many thanks.

Usha said...

Can I email you directly please?

Kat said...

Dear Judi,
I'm Annapurna's sister. Thank you for your wonderful, kind words. I, too, would love to get anything you have from your photo shoot and video to share with our mother. You may contact me directly if you wish at
Thank you so much,