Saturday, June 16, 2007

From Durga

When Uma telephoned to tell me the news, at first I couldn't believe it. Annapurna, so alive and so vibrant, was now, in a seeming instant, gone? A couple of hours later while thinking of Annapurna, I had such a clear flash that she was perfectly fine. Not only fine, but radiantly happy. Vedanta says that when a person's prarabdha karma (those karmas which brought that person into this life) are over, when those are finished, then that body drops. But the dropping of the body, although the end of that body, is not the end of the 'person.' According to that understanding, whatever it was that Annapurna had to accomplish in this life has been accomplished, and she had no more need for that body, no more karmas to fulfill in that physical form. But for us who remain, there is a feeling of great loss. She was a friend to all. A compassionate healer, always loving and kind. A great story teller, with many wonderful tales to tell. And a dharmi extrodinaire! Always with positive outlook and a unique and upbeat take on all things, she shone her light on all those around her. May the joy of her presence continue to live amongst us. May she be happy and free from all suffering. May her legacy of kindness and joy continue to grow, and never diminish. We will miss her in that form which we loved so well. We will miss her humor and her charm. The end of the body is not the end of the being, although it is the end of that form. This seeming paradox is often difficult for us to accept, let alone comprehend, but for Annapurna, whose wisdom ran deep, such an understanding was a mere piece of cake! Love to all,Durga

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