Thursday, June 14, 2007

From Penny Fenner

I met Annapurna through Palden about 16 years ago and for many years she was primarily my Chinese doctor. Around 2000, our relationship became more of a friendship. Whenever I visited the Bay area from Australia we spent time together, and in more recent times, discussed the possibility of travelling together though sadly, it never quite manifested. I was looking forward to spending extended time with her this summer when I come to spend a month. And she will be missed!

Annapurna was an inspiration and joy. I loved her way of saying it as it is, her wisdom, wit and incredible generosity. She was a natural healer.

I sensed she may have had worsening health this past few months and several times wrote to ask her how she was doing but she never once referred to her health when she replied, which communicated to me that it must not be good. Only last week I asked Roger whether he had seen her and if she was well as I was worried about her asthma. So though it is a shock, it also makes sense that she has gone.

I totally agree with all you have said about her "capacity" to truly recongise the form/emptiness piece. How wonderful that you, her son, recognise her greatness, her humility, her true spaciousness. She got it Nick - she really did - she lived and breathed the truth of reality even when she struggled to breathe; her practice was her life, her life was a blessing, her form a gift to all who knew her. Perhaps she is teaching us all the greatest truth perhaps so we too may be encouraged to bring practice to life in every breath, in every moment!

May her life and death touch countless hearts and minds, inspiring in all of us a love of Truth, of reality, of love itself.

It has been a true privilege and honour to have been the recipient of her loving medical care and her loyal friendship. May you Nick, and all the family, be soothed and rest more easily knowing that Annapurna was a truly extraordinary woman, a downtown Dakini, a modern day Yogini, a sky dancer beaming radiant light from her inner core to all who knew her. May the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of all the times continue to guide her journey free.

And may all beings be happy, and know love and peace, as did Annapurna.

With deepest regard and love,

Penny Fenner

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