Thursday, June 14, 2007

From Carol Schlenger

I was (am, will always be) a friend of Annapurna's from the days when we were both students of Dudjom Rinpoche. I live in Nepal, am a student of Chatral Rinpoche, and am now in Florida visiting my Mother when I received the sad news of your mother's passing from Diane Stanley. I immediately called Chatral Rinpoche, my Guru, who is in India, still, and he was apprised of this yesterday. He remembers Annapurna although he hadn't seen her in decades, and also considered her one of his students. He performed p'howa for her and did many prayers for Annapurna, personally. When I asked his daughter, Semola Saraswati if there were other pujas or prayers that needed to be performed for Annapurna, Semola said, "no need, no need" -- which means that she's in a very very good place.

I just want to share with you how deeply saddened I am by your mother's passing. Although I haven't seen her in many years, we have corresponded for many years now and I have always considered her one of my close friends, in spirit. I share with you my sadness and my incredible admiration for your most wonderfully kind and caring mother.

Carol Schlenger

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