Thursday, June 14, 2007

From John & Diane Stanley

Dordogne 1984
We spent wonderful summers with Annapurna in Dordogne, France, while HH Dudjom Rinpoche was alive.
This was taken at Dudjom Rinpoche's house, La Pechardie.

Kalachakra 2002
I went with Annapurna to the Kalachakra in Austria given by HHDalai Lama. In the picture are old dharma friends, Christine Moen and Ani Jinba.

Marin 2003
I spent a wonderful month living with Annapurna in Marin while taking a hypnotherapy course. This photo was taken outside her apartment in front of Mt. Tam.

Vegan girl
Does anyone recognize this? Her favorite place to eat in Marin.

At Pine St Clinic
Annapurna had a healing presence wherever she was -- notice the light!

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Anonymous said...

Her favorite place to eat;
"The Good Earth" in Funky Fairfax, CA....she ate there everyday...for years and years!!!