Wednesday, June 20, 2007

From Rene Pittet

i met annapurna at sokoji in 1968. in 1969 we worked together at the post office and the customs warehouse. after your mother left zen center i followed her adventures through the spiritual grapevine. once she became famous in india during the ram dass interval with maharaji, stories were plentiful and her healing practices became a legend in our time. i ran into her again at karmadzong in the mid-seventies and several other times during the passing decades. i last saw her at green gulch for suzuki roshis 100th birthday celebration. we held each other magically for a time and she gave me her card promising free acupuncture. i had an email from her several weeks ago offering free acupuncture again to ease my pain from a recent motorcycle accident and surgery. i put it off. now i find that annapurna lived in greenbrae too only a few blocks from my house. i feel terrible for not taking her love and caring more seriously, like the precious gift offering it was. i feel blind to my life and all it offers. i love annapurna. i have loved her for 40 years. please forgive me for not taking her final gift offering of care and healing.

om mani padme hum

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